Concept Albums. Experiments in Recording.
FUNK 204
(2018, jazz/funk)

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Out of the Plains
(2016, modern progressive jazz)

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The Sound of Things
(2015, contemporary third stream)

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so se kwa
(2010, world music)

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Big Ol Chunka Funk
(2005, jazz/funk)

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Rock n Roll Wasteland
(2002, indie rock)

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Fractured Intuition
(2005, free jazz)

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(1999, indie jazz)

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Wachet Auf und Spielt das Saxofon
(2004, classical saxophone)

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Confessions of a DIY Junkie
(2007, indie pop)

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Funky Junkie
(1998, dance/groove)

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(2011, free jazz improvisations)

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One By One
(2004, jazz duets)

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Christmas Snowballin'
(2006, Christmas album)

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Podcast Music
(2006, commercial/royalty-free theme music)

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Spiritus Mundi
(2007, free jazz)

Impromptu free jazz recording session in 2007

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Digital Singles


(1998, indie pop)

first album release (now out of print)

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KPM is the record label for Kevin Pike Music.
There have been over 15 albums released on the label since its inception in 1998.

Kevin Pike also appears on the following releases by other artists and bands:

Flamethrower - live at O'Leaver's

My Favorite Color by Kutiman

Ebony Concerto by John Bruce Yeh

Big Band Basie by Clark Terry and Frank Wess

Junk City by Ladyfinger

Super Lover by Jamie Principle